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21st April 09
The final meeting of the season was a good one for BRT.
We did our part contributing to the car numbers by having 2 comp cars in attendance running our Altered and the Torana.

Ian had a blast in his altered managing to make 7 passes throughout the day. Prior to the event it was discovered that the Holden engine had a few cracks in the head so it was changed for a standard one which had been unused for near on 15 years.
The standard, smaller valved head that had no porting or anything actually improved the 60 foot times a fraction! Best time on the day was a 12.01 which was not too far away from the cars best time of 11.98!
As for the Torana, rear end changes and suspension adjustments were implemented prior to the meeting to improve the cars handling from an earlier outing.
On the first qualifying pass traction was lost on the launch but after that the car ran clean and stable to run 9.74 at 138 mph. Back in the pits the 4 link was adjusted to improve the launch grip for another go.

The 2nd run had things launching great, nice and level with the front wheels just of the ground slightly but a problem with the shifter put an end to the run before too long.

With shifter problems corrected and ready to go again. Qualifying run No.3 started like No.2 with the front wheels up and wheelie bars planted on the ground. This time with no shifter problems it ran a very respectable 8.74 which now makes it the quickest Torana in the land!

Plus breaking into a very small group of NZ racers that have run 8ís using a doorslammer with small block power and no blower/nitrous assistance has made the many hours put into this home built project very rewarding. We think we may have run the quickest in the group with the smallest motor. I get to be the lucky one behind the wheel but it is my brother Dean who can take the credit for engineering the vehicle so well that I just have to point it down the track.
We had Ian entered in Competition for this meeting with expectations to improve on the 12.2 second times run at the NZ Nationals

Qualifying went well with a 12.06 run at mph against the 11.53 index
The first round had us up against the fleet footed Trevor Watson in his supercharged Peugeot  powered RE dragster.
Ian left first with Trevor chasing hard thereafter. Just as both cars were nearing the finish line, Trevorís trusty steed inexplicitly began to slow down allowing Ian to cross the line first.  The Fram Autolite clean up crew began to pick up bits from Trevorís lane after the blower had finally let go after something like 35 years of trouble free service! 

So onto the final where we lined up against the Metalman dragster driven by Anthony Marsh. Anthony had been running 6ís all day so was hot on form. 
Both left great on the green with Anthony spotting Ian lots on the tree given the difference in their respective indexes.
But at the finish line it was the Metalman dragster all the way with another blistering 6.90 pass with Ian commenting that being passed by a 191 mph dragster in the top end looked mighty impressive lol
Ian was so wrapped with his runner up, getting a trophy and certificate so was a good day.
28th March 09
23rd November 08
Update - Torana  
Finally some measurable progress has been made towards getting Dean's Torana back to the strip.
Its almost scary to think it hasn't been raced for something like 9 years now!
Oh well, maybe the spectators will think it is a brand new car when it does run seeing as most might not remember that far back lol

Ok still lots to do but the car is now at a rolling stage after having had a new diff and 4 link set up installed by us. Also new tinwork is nearing completion plus have carried out a heap of polishing to give things a fresh look.  
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Update - Altered
Test N Tune Meeting on 16th November at Fram Autolite Dragway, Merermere.
BRT had a good day at the test meeting. After getting the Holden powered altered weighed and sorting out the log book, Ian made two runs for the day.
On the 1st pass we decided to try lane 2 (towerside) and Ian posted a 12.13 which was near to our best from last season.
We swapped over to lane 1 (pitside) for the 2nd pass. The car left well doing a 1.711, 60 foot time on the way to a new PB of 11.98 at 109mph. A very good start to the new season considering no changes to the combination where made over the winter break.

Next racing stop for us is the Northen Nationals Meeting at Fram Autolite Dragway on the 6th & 7th Dec. See you all there.
22nd November 08
Well we finally made it to the drags with the Torana! The last time we raced it was at the Waikato Drag Racing Clubís Easter Outlaw Meeting of 2000!
In some ways it was like debuting a new car given the time span between races!

After going over the weigh bridge to get classified it was of too the pits to get ready for the first run of the day which happened during the second round of qualifying.

We selected to run in lane 2 and did a burnout to get the 15yr old Hooziers warmed up!  On the go the car twisted over as the front lifted straight up a couple of feet into the air on the passengerís side as it pointed towards the guardrail!
After having to get out of the throttle to settle things down the run was continued but the car kept lifting the passengerís front wheel and power steering towards the guardrail. Eventually the run was abandoned resulting in a 9.768 at 122mph pass.

Funny thing is I had only gone 10.39 before that run so it was the quickest pass had made down the strip so far lol

In the pits we adjusted the rear spring pressures a little bit to help the stability problem. However the 2nd run mirrored the 1st pass but with a top end wobble on de-acceleration thrown in just to keep it real interesting lol
The wobbly run resulted in a slowing 10.66 at 97. mph
All up we made it thru our first meeting in ages in one piece but with plenty of work to do. The potential is there once it goes straight.


Ok by now most will know qualifying on the Saturday was canned in the later half of that afternoon after persistent rain that was not going anywhere, did just that.
The decision was made to then do qualifying and eliminations on the Sunday, sweet.

On the Sunday Ian got in his allotted 2 qualifying runs.
For eliminations, qualifying 0.8 over the index had us up against Trevor Watson who was the No.1 qualifier after running an impressive 9.027 which was 0.193 under the National Record.
Ian left first on the tree with his 11.53 index before Trevor hot footed in pursuit on his 9.22 index. At the finish line Trevor made it a clear win running under his index again with a 9.097 against a 12.220 which was the quickest run on the day for us.

Our ETís at the Nats were not quite up to expectation really, especially when it takes running under the national record to advance rounds which is why Competition is a very challenging bracket, regardless of the number of entrants.

Thinking of entrant numbers and how things can change throughout the years.
These Nationals had only 6 entered into Competition whereas back in 1996 I entered Competition at the Nationals and 26 cars showed up!

Turns out the trusty 202 Holden motor was diagnosed after the Nationals with having a blown head gasket which confirms why the times were down due to the power loss.  Plans are already afoot to get this sorted and perhaps add a touch more compression before the upcoming Fram Autolite, Nostalgia and Outlaw Meetings.

The latest update on the Torana is that we have it completed but a couple of last minute mechanical gremlins on the Saturday night prevented us from running it at the Nationals on the Sunday.  It is anticipated however that things should be in order to make the next Fram Autolite Meeting #3 on the 15th of March, baring the weather putting a knocker on proceedings! C u there

The BRT will be back to Fram Autolite Dragway for this weekend Competition Meeting No 1 of their Points Score Series.

This will follow on from our last outing at the Northern Nationals held back in  Dec 09 where we qualified on the Saturday a few tenths slower than expected and down on our best. It appeared that fuel pressure problems
28th March 09