1974 LH Holden Torana
Fibre glass front guards, nose cone, bonnet, scoop and doors.
Lexan windows all round. Steel roof with removable steel rear guards.
Custom built mild Steel spaceframe with rectangular bottom rails.
Ford 9" housing with bracing
4:56 ratio
Cast Iron Holden calipers and Falcon disc's
4-link set up with triple adjustable coil over shocks.
Suzuki struts up front with gas shocks, disc's and Tilton brake calipers.
Weld Racing rims all round
Front - 15" x 3.5"
Rear - 14" x 12"
Hoosier drag racing tyres all round
Front - 25" x 5" x 15"
Rear - 32" x 14" x 15"
In race trim car has weighed as low as 1,012 kgs (2,226 lbs), including driver.
This 1974 vintageTorana was originally constructed and campained by Parry Hunt from Wellington and was powered by an injected 350 cubic inch SB Chevy and turbo 350 auto and held the C/Top Street, ET and MPH records for a couple of years.

Dean Boyd purchased the car, less a heap of bits back in 1993 from Parry after he decided to make plans for a corvette wild bunch car. After coming up with an engine, trans, diff and other parts the car was run at club days before competing in the very popular 10:90 bracket when it began in late 1995.
The engine was a cast iron 406 SB Chev motor that met NZDRA Econo Regulations but was able to power the car into the 10.7 second zone and was very competitive at each outing.
ENGINE: (new combination)
406 cu SB Chev
Cast Iron passenger block, Cola crank, Chet Herbert billet rods & Brennan Racing Pistons.
Roller cam and lifters operated by conventional timing chain.
CNC prep'd Brodix Alloy 18 degree heads, Crower shaft mountedrockers and Stainless valves.
Dominator carb on racing gas being fired by MSD dizzy and 7AL2 with 2 step rev limiter.
Long shaft Chev Powerglide, 5,500 stall convertor, transbrake, Lenco blanket and Hurst Pro Stick shifter.
During the 96/97 season, while racing another of our cars the Torana went on a major diet and after many grinding blades later it looked somewhat sleek and lower than your average Torana and tipped the scales 140kg lighter than before!
Not bad really considering it still retained the original mild steel chassis with rectangular bottom rails. Initially the engine remained the same from earlier years but the turbo 350 trans was replaced with a powerglide. In it's new look and weight the car ran quicker, getting into the 10.3 second zone at the Waikato Drag Racing Clubs April 1998 Outlaw Meeting.

During the winter of 1998 the unpainted "Toranasaurus" was treated to lashings of deep Purple followed by splashes of bright coloured graphics. Also a decision was made to up the horsepower a bit and build our first alloy headed, 406 small block.
With only a couple of full throttle passes on the new motor Dean improved times down to 9.68 seconds at 140 mph while competing in the DYO Comp bracket. Although the times were better than previous, it was decided to take a break at the end of the 1999/2000 season and sort out a few niggling combination problems. Eventually though most of the motor was sold off and the car parked and put up for sale.

As for the present season the car is getting some attention and is going thru a mini diet to slice another 10 - 20 kgs and is being treated to new front and rear firewalls and a general tidyup in preparation to be at the track (Champion Dragway) in late February 2004.
Motive power will be another 406 cu Chevy that is being put together after selling the top half of the previous motor to Ash Beck which now help power his rapid 9.2 second 48 Ford Pop. Check out the details of our new motor combination further down the page.