Daryl Slater return to the
fray  in blown 372 SB
Chev, F/E dragster
Mark Hudson ran 10.856
in C/S Capri
Michelle Davison qualified
well in 9.203 with
Mike Reid's amazing Chev
powered 85 Nissan Utility
doing 11's
Kevin Foothead
wheelstands his 23T
bucket to high 9 seconds
Craig Brown in Blown 55
Chev running in BB/TS
Promotionals girls.......
Stevens qualified second
with 6.431 at 222.11 mph
Steve Paris from Darwin,
Australia on his 1428
Mike Healy running in the
10's with Mazda RX7
Gary Schischka ran 9.2's
in leaping SB Chev Fiat
Raymond Smythe up and
away in blown F/E dragster
Wayne Sterling burning out
in 355 Chev powered 27T
Kevin Mcgregor doing a
shakedown pass in new
500ci BB Camaro
Dion Fletcher/Darryn
Andrews 68 Camaro in
Super Gas
Immaculate looking SB
Brendon Seyb ran 7.251 at
182.26 mph in NOS
powered 590ci Chev
Mark Thomas leaving hard
in Blown 6 second Holden
Brett Stevens ran a
stunning 6.262 at 228.85
Peter Kapiris burning out
Pete Sterling in pretty 78
camaro running NOS with
540 BB Chev
Steve Anson doing 8.5's in
blown 355 Chev R/E Rail
Kapiris takes out the final
in 6.398 at 184.75 mph
after Stevens broke
Brett wowing the crowd
again with an awesome
burnout display!
Sean Lemon in his 48 FJ
Holden Ute
Graham Alexander smokes
em in 632ci BB Chev
Scott Campbell burning out
in his 405 SB Ford Mustang
Phillip Hodder qualified
with a 7.961 in his injected
406 SB Chev altered
Brent Pall gets them up in
his 91 Honda Civic!
Karl Goddard in 358 SB
Chev F/E rail
Chris Wright's NOS
powered 355 Chev altered
Rob Boyce returns with his
BB Chev altered
Paul Norris in neat looking
F/E dragster with blown
early style Hemi
The Hunua boys were
down on power & couldn't
find the 10's
Chris Whalan in 70 Falcon
running in CC/TS with
Grant Little in 351 Ford
powered, 71 Falcon
Brett Stevens launches on
another 8 second run
aboard the nitro Harley
Bryan Normin ran hard to
go 7.077 at 193.88 mph
Grant Findley launches in
radical 34 Ford with 632
BB Chev
Mark Barnsley ran a PB of
7.627 at 180.65 mph
Awesome Blown 56 Chev street car - 1024 kbs
Chris Whalan in 71 Falcon - 1107 kbs
Slater & Martin/Rea wheelstands! - 970 kbs
Peter Kapiris runs 6.33 seconds - 729 kbs
Freight Train, first NZ F/E dragster into the 6's - 729 kbs
Mark Thomas in blown Holden Ute - 823 kbs
Wheels up in 91 Honda Civic B/TS - 917 kbs
Stevens burnout on nitro Harley - 1097 kbs
Stormin Normin runs 7.077 - 794 kbs
Craig Brown burnout in shoebox Chev - 808 kbs
Stevens runs 6.26 in Studebaker - 841 kbs
Brendon Syeb in NOS powered funny car - 751 kbs
Pete Sterling in 78 Camaro - 856 kbs
Brett Stevens & Craig Brown burnouts - 1079 kbs
Brett again burning out in Studebaker - 890 kbs
Brett going in circles with burnout car - 1344 kbs