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Once again crowd numbers were down on expectations. Couldn't blame the America's Cup for that this time.
Maybe the bleak long ranged weather forecasts didn't help, keeping most indoors.

Nevertheless the show must go on....and indeed it did with the Aussie, Bandag Bullet truck accompanied by a bunch of Kiwi trucks providing the main entertainment. It was amasing to see those big trucks doing smoky burnouts and cutting 13 and 14 second quarters!

Good to see the 10.90 & Quick Street classes again after they were removed from the Nationals program last month. Would be a real shame if these classes were dropped from next seasons schedule.

Low point of the meet happened when Raymond Smyth in the family's F/E dragster tumbled in the braking area to end some 100m past the turn of. Meanwhile, the cars chute lay some 400m back up the track on the finishline.....
Fortunately Raymond was vitrually unscathed after rolling at least 2-3 times and was able to walk from the car.  

Champion's points series may be over for the 2002/03 year, but don't forget about the annual EASTER OUTLAW meeting on the 20th, April 2003 at Champion Dragway
This is one meeting you should not miss!         More details over the next few weeks
Wayne Ilich runner-up in Super Street in 10.969 at 122.33 mph Clarke Fiddes doin customary awesome burnout Bandag Bullet show'n em how trucks do burnouts!
Dave King / Richie Orrell in 72 Datsun 240Z Mike Williams takes out DYO Comp in 9.726 at 136.34 mph Graham Alexander launching hard Frank Bogaart's only run in alcohol funny car....did some damage
Ford man, Mark Hudson,  Winner of ET car in Chev powered Holden! Lindsay ran a bunch of 7.9 seconds time in EVIL 32 Before.............. After..............
Get the chutes out already! Peter Pinkney in 454 Chev 23 T bucket running Super Gas
Lynda Zahorodny burns out in NOS powered 76 LH Torana Mark Anderson, winner of Auto Trans Competion bracket Ian Hilder has a go on a fellow competitors bike
Craig Brown in 540 blown Chev BB/TS Harry Taylor on his way to another 7.0 second run Bandag Bullet beginning his burnout display
Raymond in blown F/E dragster tumbles over way down in the braking area - 2,229 kbs
Bandag Bullet truck doing a burnout - 553 kbs
Harry Taylor getting out of shape in blown AA/Dragster - 685 kbs
Pete Meo takes up two lanes in his BB Chev T-Bucket - 827 kbs
Datsun 240Z running highs tens  - 927 kbs
Ken Stolpmann runs 8.542 @ 153.98 mph on his bike  - 705 kbs
Nissan Ute doing an awesome burnout!! -  716 kbs