Wayne Ilich with Rambler runs 11.66 seconds - 1,131 kbs
Dave Bisset makes a pass in 70 Ford Fairlane - 1,047 kbs
Lindsay Hay gets the wheels in blown 32 -  1,551 kbs
Top Cat Racing, blown bucket cuts a 9.79 during Super Gas qualifying -  1,083 kbs
Bryce McEwan runs a 10.72 in his 4-rotor import -  983 kbs
Bobby Owens wins Top Comp bracket in 7.858 with blown BB/TS Falcon  -  1,035 kbs
Andre Gil runs a strong 8.92 with Super Stock Chevelle  -  1,167 kbs
Martin Rea runs 8.59 on semi final run with blown flathead dragster  -  1,085 kbs
Mark Anderson runs 9.61 with his Valiant Charger  -  987 kbs
8th of Februay 2004  CHAMPION DRAGWAY
Welcome to our highlights page containing pictures and videos from last Sunday's competition meeting at Champion Dragway. Luckily enough there managed to be some racing action in between the periods of rain!