20th MARCH 2005
Karen Hay Running a 7.92 on a single pass in Blown 32 Roadster
Aussie and Kiwi bikes in the burnout box
Blown BB Chevy street car cuts a quick 9.60 second run
Scotty Campbell doing 2 burnouts in SB Ford Mustang Super Stocker
Craig Brown runs a 7.54 during Top Comp Qualifying in Blown BB Chevy
BB Chevy ute runs a swift 9.60 second run
White street Camaro runs a 10.33
Martin / Rea Flathead FE rail makes a 8.35 second pass
The twin engine Freight Train doing a smoky burnout
Rod Harvey swerves towards the centre of the track after leaving the line in 2L, Turbo Datsun
BB/TS Ferrari burning out
The blown SB Chevy powered, Heat Seeker rail burning out
Mark Flemming runs a 9.60 in Rapid Oils Chevy
Rick doing burnout in rapid Holden Ute, street car
Suckling burnout in Pro Import 4WD GTR
Phoenix Autoparts, Holden Statesman runs a high nine
Top Comp Burnouts - Craig Brown & Peter Pinkney
Chris Tynan in Top Street Chevy runs a 7.02, as seen from on the hill
Mark Thomas in Top Street Holden Ute runs a 7.14, as seen from on the hill