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Fiddess makes a qualifying pass in his Camaro Super Stocker  -  1,009 kbs
Dave Green runs his best yet at 6.82 seconds with blown Top Street Corvette -  793 kbs
The Syeb Corvette Funny Car clips the wall and keeps the Kiwidragracing Team on their toes! -  1,334 kbs
T-Bucket pulls a massive wheelstand during Saturday's qualifying! -  1,045 kbs
Lindsay Hay runs a swift 7.44 in blown 32 roadster -  751 kbs
Ian Deboo moves over to the wall during a run -  1,015 kbs
Nasty Norris does burnout in Hemi FE dragster -  553 kbs
2 Wildbunch cars doing burnouts -  1,169 kbs
Blown Honda Civic burnout -  571 kbs
SS/AA Camaro looses its bonnet at mid track -  1,324 kbs
McClurg smokes em up in BB Chev Roadster  -  805 kbs
Stormin Norman runs his first 6 second pass with BB Chev powered FE dragster  -  843 kbs
27 March 2004
27 March 2004
The 36th annual New Zealand Nationals sponsored by Century Batteries was held over the weekend at Champion Dragway, Meremere. If you didn't make it to the track on Saturday or Sunday you missed one hell of an action packed meeting with some highs points and a whole bunch of lows also!

More on the highs in an extended report tomorrow but the biggest low was the cancellation or "postponement" of the Nationals due to a "malfunction" with the Christmas tree/timing system. How did this "malfunction" occur you ask?.....well the tree got nailed by a bike/rider during the 1st round  of eliminations which turned it into a pile of useless junk!
This effectively mean't no further eliminations could be held proper on the day so the remainder of the Nationals eliminations will be held over to another date. More details to follow....
Rapid Falcon street car hits the return road embankment and ends up on its roof  -  2,419 kbs