Saturday, 17th of January 2004
The Champion Dragway National Open meeting was held as a day/night meeting on Saturday. Some hard racing with plenty of thrills and spills kept the small crowd entertained.
It seems a little unusual at the moment to have such small competing fields and crowds at Champion. Not just one, but all competition meetings have been that way so far.
The days highlights included Dave Green piloting his blown Corvette to 6.973 seconds, making him the 5th Kiwi in a door-slammer to run in the 6 second zone in New Zealand.
Ross Taylor with his big Chevy ran in Super Stock after a long absence from racing. After some settling in passes, Ross finished the night with wheel?s up launches and 9.2 seconds et's.
Also in Super Stock, Paul Johnston blasted out a sizzling 8.671 run with his Holden Ute and was closely followed by Scott Campbell who ran 8.719 seconds!
Plenty of mishaps marred the days racing. In the Bears bike division, 2 riders made un-scheduled departures from their mounts in separate starting line wheelstands. Fortunately both riders escaped without injury and their bikes sustained only minor damage.
Craig Brown with his Top Street Chevy also got into some trouble. After leaving the starting line hard the car veered almost immediately into the guardrail making full contact down one side of the car.
Damage appeared minor with Craig returning in a later round for another pass but the car refused to co-operate and wanted to reunite with the guardrail again! Luckily Craig had sensibly aborted the run before more contact was made.
Meeting delays due to a couple of large oil-downs caused the meeting to be cancelled around 9pm. The final straw came when Harry Taylor oiled down the pit-side lane in the Harcourt's rail after having won the Top Alcohol final with the quickest pass in the country to date at 6.681 seconds. Phil & Graeme Blummont were a credible second at 7.416 seconds.
Dave Green runs 6.97 seconds with blown Top Street Corvette - 894 kbs
Bob Wheeler runs in the tens with BB 467 Chev powered HC Viva - 900 kbs
Mark Thomas runs a slippery 7.59 with blown Holden Ute - 900 kbs
Graham Carter pulls a wheelstand in his blown Jaguar - 958 kbs
Tony Bennis and Scott Campbell doing burnouts in their Super Stock cars - 1,180 kbs
Michelle Davidson runs her first eight second run at Champion with SB Chev powered RE rail- 854 kbs