11th MARCH 06
After leaking fluids onto the track, Rod Harvey aboard the Rayglass Datsun takes a wild ride as the car slides across the track on its roof before tagging the Concrete barrier!  - 2,974kbs
Check out the trail of fluid being discharged shortly before Rod Harvey goes over on his roof
Graham Carter doing burnout and making a pass in Blown BB Chev powered Jag  - 2,365kbs
Athol Williams doing burnout aboard Nitro Dragbike  - 1,869kbs
Dave Drew lifts the wheels from the startline with blown SB Chev Altered  - 1,673kbs
Tim Watkins crew encounter a little electrical problem when they ready to warm up the motor!   - 1,349kbs
Aussie, Brett Gillespie makes his first run in 34 Chevy, Top doorslammer   - 1,673kbs
Parry Hunt makes a run in the Hellraiser Top Doorslammer    - 2,193kbs
Aussie, Peter Lovering doing big burnout in 55 Chevy   - 1,607kbs
Aussie, Peter Lovering takes his turn down the track in 55 Chevy   - 1,673kbs
Burt King pull the wheels up in his blown BB Chev dragster before going into tyre shake   - 1,413kbs
Aussie, Sean Mifsud aboard Wild Willy does the "wildest" burnout out at Lakeside so far!    - 1,869kbs
Mike Reid makes a wheelspinning pass in his potent 434 powered Nissan Ute  - 2,127kbs
Squig gets a heap of side to side action happening in his burnout with blown Falcon  - 1,503kbs
Aussie, Alf Sciacca makes a slippery run in Sainty powered Lamborghini Top Doorslammer - 1,739kbs
Check out the flames coming from Martin Pecks, NOS feb bike as he attampts to leave the line! - 1,349kbs
A pair of burnouts by Bobby Owens and team Squig - 1,413kbs
Wild off road action by Hargreaves in HQ as he leaves the track for a bit to take a look at the wall! - 2,649kbs
Aussie, Sean Mifsud aboard Wild Willy gets down the track after a wild burnout    - 1,803kbs
Tim Watkins makes a return to the track in his Alcohol Funny Car  - 1,591kbs
Tom Richardson completes a solo pass in blown Chevy doorslammer  - 1,543kbs
The Vincent SB Chevy powered RE Rail make another run  - 1,413kbs
Brett Gillespie and Craig Brown burning out in Top Doorslammers  - 1,895kbs
Take another look of Rod Harvey's crash in the Rayglass Datsun as seen by Dennis Emphraim from Right Click Solutions Ltd  - 1,519kbs
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