Surprisingly, despite the wild weather and flooding on Thursday, Saturday turned out to be quite fine. The day started off cool and clear, later turning hot, followed by very windy and cold conditions.
The was a good turnout of competitors for the event in the street and comp classes. 41 vehicles in the C10 class alone with a strong presence of street imports. Plenty of Northern competitors also made it across the strait to boost the numbers including Team Squig who travelled down from the Auckland region.
Unfortunately 2 incidents saw competitors only run 2 qualifying passes and the cancellation of elimination runs. The day closed with grudge racing over the 8th mile.
One vehicle failed to slow down before the end of the track and ended up taking out one of the support posts for the net. The 2nd vehicle lost its chute at the end of an 8 second pass, which caused it to go through the net, fence, across the road and straight into a private vehicle parked in a driveway. This last incident drew the attention of the police who recommended additional safety measures be put in place. This saw the conclusion of racing over the 1/4 mile and elimination runs.
Both drivers exited without injury. In general, most of the comp cars made cautious runs while determining the characteristics of the new track surface.