V8's 45  -  IMPORTS 7 !!
Tony Marsh does burnout in Ford powered RE rail  -  1,029kbs
Gavin Oram pulls a huge wheelstand and then runs 8.99!  -  1,629kbs
Rider takes a minor spill from his Hyabusa!  -  1,705kbs
Mark Hudson runs a 10.94 with SB Ford Capri  -  1,643kbs
Athol Williams runs a 7.61 with nitro flames shooting out the back of his drag bike!  -  1,765kbs
BIG BURNOUT by Ford station wagon!  -  2,379kbs
Terry Flude runs 9.14 in BB Chevy Imapala  -  1,557kbs
Kevin McGregor in Camaro defeats Rod Harvey's Datsun with 8.04 over 8.24!  -  1,681kbs
Midget dragster runs 10.01  -  2,085kbs
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Rotary doing a burnout  -  1,019kbs
Abbott in turbo RX3 runs a swift 9.64  -  1,815kbs
Athol does a burnout at night  -  1,275kbs
Another midget dragster making a pass  -  2,085kbs
Tynan runs 8.18 in Camaro to defeat McGregors 8.28 in Godzilla!  -  1,875kbs
Simon Dudding in Silvia and Ron Olsen in Mustang have a nine second battle!  -  2,166kbs
Tony Marsh goes quickest of the day at 7.14 over Lindsay Hays 7.44  -  1,433kbs
Graham Carter makes an 8.43 second pass in blown Jag  -  1,605kbs
Supercharged 93 Holden Commodore runs a quick 9.98!  -  1,557kbs
Phil Hodder runs 7.92 in SB Chev powered A/A altered  -  1,319kbs
Wayne Grimmer in another of his Challangers runs a 10.10 pass  -  1,433kbs
2 x Wheelstands - Dean Hargreaves pulls the highest wheelstand of the day against Sam Levien!  -  2,334kbs
BB Chev Camaro runs 9.97  -  1,519kbs
Neil Waters pulls a wheelstand on his way to 9.01 in T-Bucket  -  1,643kbs
Blown BB 57 Chevy cuts a good 9.59  -  1,480kbs
Roger Binnema runs the quickest CC/TS pass yet at 8.08  -  1,755kbs
Lindsay Hay does burnout in EVIL32!  -  1,421kbs
Watch as blown Ferrari doorslammer slides on two side wheels down the middle of the track!   -  2,133kbs
Squig does burnout in Falcon now with blower  -  951kbs
Graeme Bates runs 8.45 in twin turbo Vauxhall!  -  1,519kbs
Squig goes sideways on launch after wheel studs shear of and trye departs company from axle!  -  2,085kbs
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