2nd JANUARY 06
A pair of Holden Street cars burning out  -  1,149kbs
T-Bucket named: AA/FA changes lanes!  -  1,705kbs
Fairlane cranks out a strong 12.1 second pass  -  2,331kbs
2 x Jet cars doing fire show  -  2,255kbs
2 x Jet cars doing burner pops  -  1,951kbs
2 x jet cars run - Nitehawk defeats Warhawk with a 6.2 against a 6.5  -  1,519kbs
Craig Brown in his Chevy do a burnout and attempts a run!  -  2,687kbs
Nitro Flashback funny car doing a burnout  -  1,335kbs
Dave Green takes on the barrier during a burnout!  -  2,871kbs
Rowan / Rivers funny car does a burnout  -  1,531kbs
Mark Vincent in blown RE rail gets sideways in the top end!   -  4,713kbs
Bardsley in Camaro does a burnout  -  1,335kbs
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