5th & 6th OF MARCH 2005
Top Alcohol Final
Doorslammer Final
Competition Final
Modified Final
Import Final
Bond in his T-Bucket runs  a wheels up 9:45
Clarke Fiddess gets wheels up in Super Stock Camaro
Wayne Curry runs a quick 7:17 in blown altered
Warhawk jet car in the pre stage area
Warhawk jet car making final pass as seen from the hill
Mark Barnsley runs his quickest pass at 7:36 in blown SB Chevy powered Camaro
Zohab runs a world class 8:66 second pass in 4cyl, 4wd powered Evo III 
Batey does burnout in blown Chevy doorslammer
Aussie bike runs a quick 8:65 second pass
Aussie Harley bike leaves the line with the front wheel pointing some where other than straight!
BLO454 Camaro doing a burnout
Another Aussie bike, this time doing a burnout
Carter runs 8:40 in blown CC/TS Jag
Dave Drew runs 7:83 in blown SB Chev altered
Andre Gil does burnout in Super Stock Chevelle
The DeBoo altered plays tag with the wall !!
Streetable Ford Fairlane cuts a good 11:26
Ferrari doorslammer cant stay in its own lane during burnout!
Lindsay Hay cuts a 7:52 in blown BB Chev roadster
Mark Thomas does burnout in Top Doorslammer Holden Ute
Shane Lodge trying burnout in wounded rail
Pit Rat Viva does a BIG burnout!!
Matt Powell cuts a quick 7:75 in SB Chevy A/Altered
Bateson runs NZ's quickest Rotary pass again with an 8:61
Rapid Oils Chevy doing a burnout
SB Chevy powered RE rail runs 8:65
Squig cuts his quickest time at 8:25 in NOS fed Camaro
Southern Camaro cuts a low eleven second pass
The Smythe rail doing a burnout
Blown Street Camaro runs a quick 10.33!
Blown Southern pop ute making a run down the quarter
Big Wheelstand by twin turbo powered Vauxhall!!
Super Gas Final
Super Bike Final
Super Stock Final
Chris Tynan gets out of the groove and moves over 2 wall
More doorslammer burnouts
Pair of doorslammer burnouts
Harcourts Rail runs their quickest at 6:58 seconds