Kevin Foothead launching hard with wheels up almost every run now.
Dean Hargreaves ran fastest of the Pro Imports with 10.196 aboard 'Hell
Today saw the return of Dave Levien to racing after a few seasons away. Seem's he hasn't lost his touch!
John Hickman with 99 Mustang running in ultra quick Super Stock class
Darryl Slater dangles the front wheels in the air during Top Comp qualifying
Grant Little running his 71 Falcon in Super Sedan. Ran 10.656 during qualifying.
Phil Hargreaves has his 73 HQ Holden really going well. Now down into the 10's
The burnout king,
Paul Johnston laying down another monster!
Won Super Stock also.
Harry Taylor throws the blower belt during this burnout. Can you see it!
Kevin Mcgregor cut a best on the day of 8.642 with 2000 Camaro in B/TS trim.
Keith Pederson seems to have sorted out their 48 Fiat Topolino, now running strong 9.1's in C/A 
Kelly Rennie chases after Graham Carter, both running blown XJS Jag Coupes in CC/TS class.
Lez Hurst during Super Gas eliminations. This time Lez left a bit early!
For the second meeting in a row, Bryce McEwan wins Pro Import bracket with 4 rotor Mazda.
Clive Davidson lifts the front wheels up and heads toward the centreline before having to back out of it.
Dean Blackburn, nearest the camera, pairs up against Michelle Davidson during a qualifying run in Modified bracket.
Clean looking camaro laying down a patch of rubber!
Todd carter with his 84 Commodore in Super Street Bracket. Runs SB Chev power
Greg Moselene runs 12.1's with rapid 82 Commodore in Super Street bracket
Saturday, 3rd January 2004 - Champion Dragway Meremere
First look at Rod Harvey's new Datsun Coupe powered by all alloy 2.0 litre Nissan with turbo. Ran 9.7 seconds
Bert King ran easy passes throughout the day, before finishing with a quicker 7.512 at 174.53 mph.
Mark Hudson in street registered Capri running another 11.1 second run.
Kevin Knuth, a previous DYO competitor from years gone by makes a welcome return in clean looking Holden Executive.
Squig runs a best yet aboard big 517 BB Ford Falcon with 8.444 at 159.51 mph.
Mark Barnsley burning out in blown SB Chev powered Camaro  --  833 kbs
Grant Little makes a ten second pass in his 71 Ford Falcon  --  1,087 kbs
Lez moves over to the centreline so he can say hello to Kevin Foothead in the other lane!  --  1,105 kbs
Phil Hargreaves and Steven Hellas do battle in Modified action --  1,163 kbs
Darryl Slater pulls a wheelstand in blown SB F/E rail --  853 kbs